Bareboat Charter... through out the beautiful Ionian islands

Sailing amongst the unspoilt ionian islands, under friendly skies, anchoring in some deserted bay to explore the local countryside or to cool off with a dip in unbelievably clear blue water, then meeting up with friends in the evening for a relaxing drink and dinner in the local taverna... Just imagine...

And what better location for this dream than the Ionian Islands of Greece? It's a land of poetry, of history, and of legend. Homer's Odyssey, who set sail across these very waters with a fleet of black-sailed ships to fight at Troy. We'll create our own legends by guiding you across these unchanging waters towards safe anchorages the very lands that so inspired Homer.
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The Ionians are a yachtsman's paradise of secluded coves, rocky bays and sandy beaches. Gentle calm seas make it one of the safest sailing areas in the world, and yet there is plenty to do and see. The scenery is beautiful, and there are numerous secure anchorages, picturesque villages, and lively towns. And, of course, with the freedom of a yacht you can easily get to places which are completely inaccessible by road.

Odysseus sailing holidays are ideal for novices and expert sailors alike, for families, friends, and free spirits. And we promise you, you'll want to come back again--and again and again!

All our yachts are available for bareboat charter for completely independent sailing. If you are an experienced sailor and want true freedom to choose where and when to sail for your entire holiday then you can charter any one of our yachts.


Bareboat chartering puts you in total control, but we make sure that you have the back-up and support of our staff at all times. So whether you join us on a flotilla or sail independently, we'll help make your holidays an epic voyage of discovery. And who knows? You might even hear the Sirens sing...