What we are doing and suggesting on sailing in Greece in times of COVID-19

  1. We wish that all countries will overcome this outbreak soon. Fortunately Greece is doing very well in confronting the epidemic outbreak.
  2. Sailing vacation is one of the least congested ways of enjoying the sea and sun this summer.  By sailing, you can explore private places,  hidden jewels and secluded bays far away from big crowds.
  3. The Odysseus team continues to work by taking all the appropriate safety measures, in order to be ready when the restrictions are lifted.


We want you to be stress free so we are offering the following:


  1. FREE rescheduling policy: in case of documented travel restriction and/or lockdowns are imposed during your sailing week, you can reschedule your booking within 2021 or 2022.  
  2. Advanced Yacht cleanliness level: on top of our industry leading cleanliness level, we have introduced a deep-cleaning cycle which includes intense disinfection on every check in.  
  3. Alternative destinations and “hidden jewels map”.

What you can do:

Let’s all wish for the best, be positive and listen to the experts.

When the time is right, we will be there for you. Till then, stay safe!