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The Odysseus Yacht Ownerhip/Partnerhip Programs

We offer three Yacht Ownership/Partnership schemes. The 58% down Yacht Partnership with no income, the 100% down Ownership with a guaranteed income of up to 9% and the 100% down performance based income Ownership.

The first two schemes give you all the benefits of owning your own yacht without any hassle or expense. You just have to sit back and enjoy the rewards which include the use of your beautiful new boat for up to 7 weeks every season. No further payments whatsoever are required from you, including yacht insurance, mooring fees, winterization, cost of maintenance and repairs. All such costs will be entirely covered by Odysseus throughout the whole management period.

The 100% down performance based income Ownership also leaves all the hassle on Odysseus’ 40 years of experience and just involves expenses like management, marina and repair fees.


Your partnership with Odysseus is fully guaranteed.


Feel free to contact us for more information and even suggest your individual needs and terms.


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