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We are always looking for talented and ambitious individuals to join our growing team. With our unique presence in the yacht charter and sales industry, we offer many exciting opportunities in crew or technical, maintenance and base management positions. Whatever your skills, there are excellent opportunities to grow within our team.

If you think this could be you, we would love to hear from you. 

Work for Odysseus

Flotilla SKipper

As Skipper, you need to possess strong leadership skills and the ability to remain assertive, yet calm, even in a crisis. Odysseus Lead Crew Skippers are prided on their ability to provide unrivalled support, whilst maintaining a laid-back demeanour. You will need to be approachable and easy-going as many of your clients may be beginners and will need reassurance.

Flotilla Hostess

The Hostess is generally regarded as a ‘people’ person and the most sociable member of the lead crew. They are the link between the crew and clients and their attitude can make or break a flotilla. If you are enthusiastic about the holiday your clients should be as well. You will need to be approachable, understanding and discreet at all times.

Shore baseD Crew

A shore-based position is ideal for someone who is new to the industry and aims to gain the necessary experience to work as Lead Crew or similar in years to come. It is ideal for those with trade skills who like the idea of working in the Greek Islands and enjoy the challenges of working with yachts.